What You Need to Know About In-Home Support Services


In-home support services are for individuals who live in a home independently or with their family home that require support and training in community living service categories. This may include individualized home supports with training, without training, with family training, and even night supervision. These waiver services can be provided in the individual’s home, family’s home, or community spaces.

Individualized home supports are often offered in partnership with providers of home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

The service categories may include:

  • skill maintenance
  • assistance with activities of daily living
  • assistance with the coordination of direct supervision
  • assistance with the coordination of community living activities.

Individualized home supports may also cover community living services, including community participation, household management, and adaptive skills. In-home care may include services covering health, safety, and wellness.

Community participation may include community mobility, skill building, and leisure or socialization planning. Health, safety, and wellness involve guidance, supervision, or instructional support to perform self-care tasks. This support is designed for the individual to achieve their health, safety, and wellness goals.

Meanwhile, household management includes training, supervision, or guidance to perform routine household care and maintenance. This may include guidance with meal planning, budgeting and money management, household chores, and more. Adaptive skills, on the other hand, focus on crisis prevention skills, problem-solving, and support strategies to promote self-sufficiency.

We at Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC offer in-home support services to meet your home care needs. If you or a loved one requires a personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota, feel free to reach out to us today.

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