Common Home Hazards to Look Out For


Our homes are a great place to receive care. Many people prefer home care because our homes are comfortable and familiar. This allows us to achieve better emotional wellness that contributes to our health.

However, as we help every family find a good personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota, we know that the home can have hazards, especially for older adults and those with disabilities.

Slippery floors and obstructed passageways are often the cause of slips and falls. These slippery floors can be found in the bathroom and kitchen. It helps to have anti-slip flooring in these areas. You can also install grab rails for better stability in these areas.

Some rooms inside the house also have tools and pieces of equipment that can cause injuries. The kitchen and basement are some of the rooms that have these dangerous objects.

With that, make sure your loved ones with compromised health or mobility cannot access these rooms immediately. If they need to be in these rooms, make sure you supervise them.

Of course, areas like staircases, balconies, and porches are highly dangerous, especially for those with limited mobility. The risk of falls in these areas is higher, making it a hotspot for accidents. You can install stair lifts and ramps to lessen the risks of falls in these areas.

If you need help caring for your loved ones and keeping them safe, you can call us here at Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC. We offer home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, and we are ready to take care of your loved ones.

We also offer waiver services to help those who want to receive their care at home. Call us today!

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