The Advantages of Employment Support Services


Employment support services are designed to help individuals with disabilities find, secure, and maintain employment alongside other members of their community. This evidence-based practice allows these individuals to gain and maintain employment that might otherwise be hard to attain. Waiver services offer several advantages— with the most significant benefit being a better quality of life.

As a trusted provider of home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, we will discuss the advantages of employment support services:

  • Expanded Service Offerings

    Employment support services allow health and human services organizations to expand the services they offer to individuals with disabilities. These individuals often desire to increase their earnings and work in their communities. These organizations can help individuals with disabilities secure jobs and thrive in a professional environment through employment support.

  • Enhanced Employment Outcomes

    Employment support allows more competitive, higher-paying jobs for individuals with disabilities, enhancing their employment outcomes and providing more job opportunities to support their career goals while increasing their income.

  • Greater Confidence and Self-Worth

    Similar to adults care, employment support provides guidance and support. From preparing for an interview to performing their duties, the proper guidance can help these individuals achieve success. This boosts their confidence in their abilities and increases their self-worth.

Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC is a trusted provider of home care and employment support services. Whether you need a personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota or support with employment, we are here to help you achieve your career goals. Set an appointment with us to learn more.

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