Maximize Comfort with The Right Type of Care

Maximize Comfort with The Right Type of Care

Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC is a provider of quality home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, that aims to improve our clients’ comfort and quality of life at home and in the community through individualized home supports.

All types of individualized home supports can be provided in the person’s own home, family’s home, or in community spaces used by the general public, either in person or remotely.

Our in-home care services target the needs of eligible individuals living with any of the following:

  • Brain Injury (BI)
  • Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI)
  • Community Alternative Care (CAC)
  • Developmental Disabilities (DD)

To get the right outcomes, we will match you with a professional personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota who can help perform the following in-home support services:

  • Individualized Home Supports with Family Training
  • Individualized Home Supports with Training
  • Individualized Home Supports without Training
  • Night Supervision

Through these services, individuals will be guided through their day-to-day requirements. In order for them to function independently, our care team will assist them with the following categories: community participation; health, safety, and wellness; household management; and adaptive skills.

These categories aim at training the individual or their family into learning different life skills necessary at home and in public. Clients will be given the opportunity to fulfill self goals, such as improved interpersonal communication skills, health services support, household safety and knowledge skills, and the implementation of positive support strategies.

With the right type of care, your loved ones can live their life to their fullest potential. Give them that chance with our waiver services today.

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