Employment Inclusion: Hiring People with Disabilities


Employment inclusion has been shown to increase morale and productivity among employees. Nevertheless, persons with disabilities are still vastly underrepresented in the labor force? with many remaining unemployed. This is why Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC, known for its quality home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, strives to bridge the gap between adults with disability and their career goals.

Employment services for people with disabilities form a crucial part of their overall quality of life. Healthcare providers go beyond their regular home care duties to find suitable employment resources for their clients.


  • Increase Revenue
    One study shows that employers that maximize the untapped potential of these employees have seen an increase in profit margin.
  • Reduce Turnover Rate
    Hiring can be costly for any business, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars to replace an employee. But employing people with disabilities may improve retention rates, avoiding unwanted financial loss.
  • Tax Incentives
    Business owners can also take advantage of federal tax incentives when hiring employees with disabilities. These include Barrier Removal Tax Deduction, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, and Access Credit for those with disabilities.

The above mentioned list is only the tip of the iceberg. Your company can reap more benefits as soon as you hire talented employees with disabilities. So, along with our personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota, our team utilizes our existing networks and connections to help our clients find long-term employment— despite any disabilities.

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