Understanding Diabetes Medications


According to data released in 2021, 6.7 million deaths have been attributed to diabetes. And the number of individuals that will develop diabetes is expected to increase to 643 million in 2030 and 783 million in 2045. We should emphasize treating and managing this disease as recommended by our healthcare team, including those providing services similar to the personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota. Read on to understand better about medications used for treating diabetes.

  • Treatments for diabetes

    The treatment(s) used for an individual will depend on the type of diabetes the person is affected with. Among the common treatments are medications, routine physical activity, and diabetic meal plans. There are less common therapies, including weight loss surgery for both types and the artificial pancreas or pancreatic islet transplantation intended for individuals with type 1 diabetes. Our home health care team will help determine a patient’s most suitable diabetes medication.

  • Kinds of medicines for type 1 diabetes

    If a person has type 1 diabetes, they need to take insulin because their body cannot produce it. Many kinds of insulin begin working at various speeds, and the effects of each type can last in various durations. Our patient’s blood sugar will be measured by our health care team and they will decide on the kind of insulin best suited for them. These medications are under the coverage of the waiver services. Our caregivers can remind them of the medication’s correct intake and schedule.

  • Kinds of medicines for type 2 diabetes

    There are many kinds of medications for type 2 diabetes. Each type works distinctly. Several of these types are pills. Medications that a person injects under the skin, like insulin, also exist. After some time, we may require over one kind of diabetes medication to manage our blood sugar. A patient may have an additional diabetes medication or change to a certain combination medication. A combination medication has more than one kind of diabetes medicine in one pill. Some individuals with type 2 diabetes are recommended to take both pills and injections. Our caregivers will help us keep our diabetes medications.

At Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC, you can avail of top-quality healthcare services from our highly proficient healthcare professionals to treat or manage your diabetes. Feel free to contact us about our home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

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