Personalized Care for Loved Ones with Special Needs


When our loved ones fall into the autism spectrum, our only desire is to improve their quality of life by providing them with a living environment where they can feel loved and supported. In their journey, having a dependable care provider and support is very helpful. For autism care services, Comfort Home Health Care Services, LLC is a reputable provider of home care assistance in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Our team can meet your or your loved one’s needs for a variety of home health care options. Our skilled caregivers are committed to improving your quality of life and are well-trained.

As an autism center, we make it a point to meet the overall needs of our clients and their families. Our patients receive services that are specifically tailored to meet their individual requirements and the preferences of their family members.

While providing comfort care in Minnesota, we strongly encourage family members to be as involved as possible in their loved ones’ care so that we can determine the most effective services for enhancing their quality of life. We have wonderful and devoted caregivers who will be there for them whenever they need us.

Our employment support services are also provided to adult clients who are capable of independence and skills learning. It is one of our main goals to not only provide home support but to help our clients become more independent and capable to provide for themselves. Think of us as their helping hand.

Our objective is to make home care and autism services readily available to all families. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our phone lines if you wish to learn more about our individualized home support. Dial 612-500-8839.

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