Improving Health at Home with Individualized Care


The lack of consistency and low quality of healthcare products and services in the United States can be seen in the high rates of readmissions following hospitalization. As a result, starting with home care is one of the best ways to reduce hospital costs and readmissions.

In today’s world, assisted daily living has been proven to be an effective means of avoiding frequent hospitalizations. Our home health care specialists are a great help in providing comfort, safety, and well-being for adults who live alone or have special health needs.

That’s exactly what Comfort Home Health Care Services, LLC aims to be: a first-rate strategy for assisting families to avoid high hospital costs. Both seniors and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can receive prompt care without having to spend a lot of money at a facility by using skilled nursing care provided at home by professionals who are dedicated and experienced.

In addition to providing high-touch patient support, our in-home support services aim to reduce preventable ER and inpatient visits. These interventions aim to improve people’s overall quality of life, prevent ER visits and hospital readmissions, and maintain health.

We can provide expert home health care that combines personal care and skilled nursing. Taking this into consideration, it is safe to say that the health of your loved one is the focus of our services. Our responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the client,
  • Monitoring medications and updated prescriptions,
  • Administering medical procedures, and
  • Educating family members about their loved one’s needs.

If you want more information about our home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, and how we can help you avoid readmissions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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