Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect


Everyone is vulnerable to abuse and neglect; even the elderly are not exempted from the horrors of these threats. Abuse and neglect have a larger impact on the elderly. They can affect a person’s well-being, both physically and mentally.

Abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional, verbal, and even sexual abuse. We must put a stop to these abuses. Here are some ideas from Comfort Home Health Care Services LLC for making the world a better place, especially for seniors:

  • Speak Positive Affirmations

    What comes out of our mouths, especially our words, reflect what is inside our hearts. If we find ourselves speaking a terrible and dirty language, it is time to examine ourselves. Because of the senior’s helplessness, we are sometimes taken away by our emotions, especially when upset. We must practice patience.

  • Always communicate

    Spending time talking to your older loved ones will make them feel cherished and valued. Even a few minutes spent talking about how their day went can go a long way, especially for seniors who live alone. If you can’t always be present for them, consider hiring companionship care.

Enlisting home health care in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, ensures that your loved one receives care and attention at home even when you are absent.

Consider hiring a personal care assistant PCA in Minnesota will not only protect your loved one from feeling neglected; it will also provide them with the company they need.

We have wonderful people who take great pride and joy in caring for the people who are most important to you. You may always rely on us if you need elderly care or waiver services for a loved one!

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